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Mississippi State University

Prospective Cadets

Group of Students

AFROTC Detachment 425 gives students attending Mississippi State University, or one of our Crosstown Schools, East Mississippi Community College or Mississippi University for Women, the opportunity to commission as an Officer in the U.S. Air Force. We offer a great opportunity and have an outstanding AFROTC Detachment, having earned the Best Small Detachment in our region in 2010. Mississippi State also offers numerous technical degrees in addition to one of the best Professional Meteorology programs in the nation.

You will spend a lot of time at the Detachment in Middleton Hall, whether you’re in class, studying in the cadet offices, or relaxing in the cadet lounge. Click on the “360 Tour” button at the top right of the page and take a minute to explore our Det through a virtual tour, which finished a 2 year renovation in December of 2011.

Cadet Organizations

Color Guard

The 425th Cadet Wing, historically known as the “Ambassadors in Blue,” at Mississippi State University proudly support honorary, service, and ceremonial events that give cadets an opportunity to put their pride, dedication, and talent on display. These groups demonstrate teamwork and professionalism while fostering pride and confidence in our evolving Expeditionary Aerospace Force and inspiring Air Force awareness.

If you would like to find out more about any of the 425th Cadet Wing Organizations, or would like to request their services, please call the detachment at 662-325-3810 or contact us via email at

Blue Knights Drill Team

Blue KnightsThe AFROTC Detachment 425th Blue Knights Drill Team is a cadet-only team which represents Air Force ROTC at Mississippi State University in the local Golden Triangle area of Mississippi. Members of the team hone their discipline and marching skills two nights a week. On several occasions the Blue Knights have made appearances in Mardi Gras Parades. They are especially busy during the fall semester, as they are asked to march in a number of local Christmas parades, making appearances in as many as possible.

Honor/Color Guard

Color GuardThe Color Guard is a cadet-only team which represents the cadets of Detachment 425 in the local Golden Triangle area of Mississippi. These cadets serve an invaluable service to the Cadet Wing, posting the Colors at banquets, Dining-Ins, and Leadership Laboratories. They supplement the Blue Knights Drill Team during the year by marching in parades. The Honor Guard is well trained in all ceremonial military functions, including funerals for veterans and saber teams for weddings.

Arnold Air Society (AAS)

AAS is a professional, honorary, service organization advocating the support of aerospace power. Its ranks are made up of highly motivated ROTC cadets who compete for admission into the organization. AAS strives to create a more efficient relationship among Air Force Officer Candidates while furthering the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United States Air Force. AAS affords members excellent opportunities for leadership experience, while finding a fellowship within the squadron. The Kenneth J. Snedden Squadron performs numerous community service activities throughout the academic year.

Silver Wings

Silver WingsAn open student organization and collegiate arm of the Air Force Association, Silver Wings is a national honorary organization of dedicated college students who wish to make a difference for the better through service and assistance to their communities. This group seeks to aid in the progress and mission of the United States Air Force, the Air Force Association, and Arnold Air Society. The Kenneth J. Snedden Chapter performs numerous community service activities throughout the academic year in conjunction with the Arnold Air Society and Cadet Wing.

Information for Applicants

If you have been accepted to MSU, EMCC, or MUW, you are eligible to try AFROTC without any obligation, but you will need to meet eligibility requirements in order to become a contracted cadet. Each semester you will take military education courses, Leadership Laboratory, and weekly PT. It will be a challenging experience and not everyone will finish, but it will be extremely rewarding once you make it through. Students with 3 years remaining in their academic program entering in the fall semester should take note that the AFOQT is administered within the first month of school and are recommended to study before entering the program.

  • ROTC Courses
  • A.    For incoming freshmen, or if you are able to spend 4 years in ROTC, sign up for Aerospace Studies (AS) 1012.
  • B.    If you only have 3 years left in school, you will need to take Aerospace Studies (AS) 1012 and 2012 your first year as a cadet. Contact the Detachment if you only have 2 years remaining and you are interested in joining the Air Force.
  • Scholarship Information
  • C.   You can start the application for the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) the summer before your senior year of high school, but the deadline to apply is December 1st. This scholarship includes a fitness test and an interview, so come prepared.
  • D.   In-College Scholarships!!! AFROTC recently revived the emphasis on in-college scholarships and you may be eligible to compete for the In-college Scholarship Program (ICSP) during the Spring of your 1st, or the Fall of your 2nd year as a GMC (see Eligibility Requirements).
  • E.   If you are majoring in one of the Technical Majors, you may have a higher chance of being awarded an in-college scholarship.
  • F.   AFROTC also offers language scholarships. MSU offers eligible degrees in Spanish, French, and German. MUW offers eligible degrees in French and Spanish.

Crosstown Schools

Det 425, located on the campus of MS State University, allows students attending the below schools to enroll in Air Force ROTC at MS State while simultaneously earning a degree at their crosstown institution. You will attend your regular classes at either EMCC or MUW while you attend your ROTC courses and Leadership Lab at the host university.

Enlisted Commissioning Programs

You do not need to be a scholarship cadet to be in the AFROTC program. Air Force ROTC currently offers programs for enlisted members from any branch to pursue a commission through a local ROTC Detachment. These programs include the Airman Scholarship Commissioning Program (ASCP), Scholarships for Outstanding Airmen (SOAR), and the Professional Officer Course – Early Release Program (POC-ERP). More information on these programs can be found here and your base education office can help you with the application process.

If you are interested in Nursing, be sure to look into the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program (NECP) and remember the Mississippi University for Women, one of our crosstown schools, offers an excellent Nursing program that allows you to commission through Det 425.